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● A C I D F L O W E R ●



Warning: This is a legit to-do list for me. I might even add my grocery list on here if I feel like it.
1. CM - Koji for LaughButts by MaximumDoodie

2. Draw a Tentacle-haired women/human tutorial for :iconronkeyroo:

3. Draw :icontofuproductionz: Goten x Trunks (cause you know you ship it too!)

5. Start the Super Babysitter series of "normal" black-haired baby sitter taking care of superheroes' children (they love him, and he takes care of them back, evil should not pick a fight with baby sitter)

6. Draw two grown office men, on lunch break, chasing after ice cream truck on a bike
Title: Still a Kid

7. Try drawing like :iconzephyravirgox: at one point! I have his permission!
References: My Friend's CommishesMy friend VirgoxAOS :iconVirgoxAOS: just open his commishes.
He's an amazing artist with awesome and unique style. But he don't think so himself, and refused when I told him that he should gain his price a bit and keep it at 10$ per character. RAPE HIM BEFORE HE REALIZE HOW STUPID HE IS  ò v ó)=3

Awesome, right ?
And here is his commissions info, he didn't mention it in the info but I think he will be willing to design new characters from descriptions if you pay him some extra payment.…
Title: Evil Wings

8. Draw a big palate challenge picture using specific colors
References: Palette Challenge [Closed]Choose a character and a number! GOGOGO!!!
Check this challenge on tumblr or fb or here on DA
Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; White Bullet; Pink Bullet; Purple Bullet; Blue Bullet; Green Bullet; Black Bullet; Red       
Palette Challenge by kaminene

9. Draw “Apartment Complex 275” fanart with different complex tenants doting and protecting Kai
Title: Can We Take It Home?

10. 2 characters connected by same wire (both wearing headphones)
(Could be fanart for BIOS manga you want to start)
Reference for manga:…

11. Inspiration:…

12. Draw a picture/comic strip based off this poem:…
13. Draw a emotional hugging scene

14. Draw BIOS fanart with character (administrator) with complicated wires in headphones

15. Teacher: Satoshi, wake Hibiki up. / Satoshi: Hibiki, wake up. / Description: Japanese classes don’t give a fuck. (Could be Class 2B reference?)

16. Cherik fanart with Charles with metal threatening him (Reference:…) and Eric with mind/hands threatening him

17. “What would you like to eat, daughter?” Crazy amazing Vietnamese cuisine, I take the Pringles

18. HAHAHHAHAHA The 100 Theme Challenge List 01:iconrioyukiix::icongrelly: THE THEME LIST 01 :icongrelly::iconvanitytheechidna:
Here is the original challenge list. There are more out there or you can make your own. Let the games begin!
001. Introduction
002. Love
003. Light
004. Dark
005. Seeking Solace
006. Break Away
007. Heaven
008. Innocence
009. Drive
010. Breathe Again
011. Memory
012. Insanity
013. Misfortune
014. Smile
015. Silence
016. Questioning
017. Blood
018. Rainbow
019. Gray
020. Fortitude
021. Vacation
022. Mother Nature
023. Cat
024. No Time
025. Trouble Lurking
026. Tears
027. Foreign
028. Sorrow
029. Happiness
030. Under the Rain
031. Flowers
032. Night
033. Expectations
034. Stars
035. Hold My Hand
036. Precious Treasure
037. Eyes
038. Abandoned
039. Dreams
040. Rated
041. Teamwork
042. Standing Still
043. Dying
044. Two Roads
045. Illusion
046. Family
047. Creation
048. Childhood
049. Stripes
050. Breaking the Rules
051. Sport
052. Deep in Thought
053. Keeping a Secret
054. Tower
055. Waiting
056. Dange

(maybe comic; it is going to have to be if I actually want to finish it)

19. Dead Koji, sad girl, Psyche says cat! Caprixa by momijigirl

20. Draw incredibly epic and passionate Berserk fanart (Griffith and Gutts with surroundings/the sides around them when see fit)
Title: You're Mine

21. ONE DAY: Roommate Series/Yaoi ideas:</b>
- Gene and Finny (A Separate Peace) type of relationship (blend of Tai & Rune's relationship)
- Slice of Life & Growing Up (Learning, Growing up together) - start off with little boys
- Adoptee and Adopter (teenage boys) relationship

22. Watch Out Watchers (giftart for ever 100 watchers)

23. Girl eating giant watermelon alone (forces house burglar to eat with her)

24. Boy who's hot but thinks he's not (fairy godmother gives him normal-looking nose)

25. Girlfriend/wife throws unplugged toaster into tub with husband in it (boyfriend/husband teases her)

26. Boy kisses other boy while playing Xbox (other boy surprised)

27. Little girl with giant gun

28. "You wanna know what I think?" "No."

29. Boy x Boy dating game disguised as girl-getting game (friend, rival, girl character happens to be boy)

30. *Wearing multiple watches* "Now, I'll never be late!" "It doesn't work that way!"

31. Really muscled hand trying to open pickle jar

32. Trying out different bacon-flavored dog food. "You've been trying out dog food?!"

33. Legend of Dragoon OC designs

34. Draw your variation of Code Lyoko characters (especially William)

35. Family photo: Female Slenderman + Slenderman = Octopus Monster Child (makes sense)

36. Make opposite-gender version of Teen Titans

37. Draw elementary boy playing music that erupts in undead band (in background) to class

38. Title: You're getting rain all over my homeewooorrrkkkkkkfd;jjaff@@!!! - "You have summoned us. We are at your bidding."

39. Mermaid in bathtub, little kid happily looking at her with sand shovel and bucket (friends)

40. I can’t friggin figure out genders of OCs on DA!

41. Sims 2 emotion commands ("Read Story" for kid who had nightmare)

42. Girl and boy roles switched

43. Rise Of The Guardians (late artwork; shut up!) (Poker, Al Capone, gangster version)

44. Draw Banana Fish fanart (soft shounen-ai is fine with me) – AND A LOT MORE AFTER THAT IS OKAY TOO!

45. Little boy is told grandma will never come back to life again, so he creates the zombie virus / Zombie Apocalypse - Life Support - "Oh, look! Grandma is alive!"

46. Fake android hugging his fake dog. Isn't that fake love? THAT'S DEEP SHIT. ;__;

47. "Sacrifice," superman-like character saves girl (keeps up boulder up); girl comes back with giant elephant to save man
Reference: 119. Love is... Picking Me Up by hjstory

48. Demonic perverted priest and his little boy assistant

49. "Fox Spirit & Boy": Boy prays to alter/fox spirit for family, and fox spirit takes care of him (with rest of fox friends) - only children can see fox spirit - boy returns as adult to bring his family that can coincidentally see fox too (good people)

50. Slice of Life: normal highschool boys kissing near bed in one of their room sports feel) (silent, calm)

51. Young mercenaries (based off of manga Ares, could just be Ares fanart) - scared painter boy

52. Big guy taking pink bubble bath - "Why do you have a camera?"

54. Drunk banter: playing scrabble for longer than expected

55. Draw Syberia fanart after looking at some awesome game screenshots online (or just suffer/play through the whole game again, you dope!), sketches are cool too!

56. Draw some freaking awesome Gantz fanart

57. Draw hot basketball versions of Rowdyruff Boys

58. It is so easy to say hi (wave hand at someone while smiling), but so hard to say goodbye (slumped head, no one there), black horizontal silhouette picture

59. Cute serious-looking EMS blond boy with tattooed arms, also hot "smoking" blond asian dude with beanie hat!

60. Draw boxers girl going through air vent while other girls with skirts and underwear scream

61. "What do you even like about me" says ill-confident girlfriend. Boyfriends tells her everything he likes about her (ex: breasts, smile, hair, etc) - Loving unconditionally

62. Lanny walks her dog every night- serial murder in the neighborhood

63. My mark on the world:…

64. Dad tells me that complimenting mom's work is nice; I ask him "Why does she need it when she has been cooking for 20+ years?", compliment mom's cooking

65. Draw fashion designs based off specific fish species scalings (ex: koi fish)

67. 2 people with fire breath on each other (Description: Looks like someone needs some *puts on sunglasses* COOL MINTS.)

68. Head down-angel action scene, or tied up angel with bloody wings (rip them off)
Reference: Arinna by yuchenghong

69. Draw Maji's Masrur. ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS

70. Draw analysis/diagrams of different types of bites on arm/hand (ex: human, dog, bat, alien- super power)

71. Large lolita outfit. Hiding under it.

72. Koji on a unicycle in the rain





Sep 25, 2016
5:04 pm
Sep 25, 2016
3:27 pm
Sep 25, 2016
2:28 pm
Sep 25, 2016
2:26 pm
Sep 24, 2016
11:28 pm

Camille Asks Her Cat Koji For Help. Koji Does Not Look at Camille. He Looks Straight at the Audience and Asks, "Would You Rather Die Doing the Right Thing, or Survive Doing the Wrong Thing?" [You Want Camille to Die] 

30 deviants said Die (Suicide/ Get Killed) Doing the Right Thing Die (Suicide/Get Killed) by LaughButts
12 deviants said Survive (Be Saved/ Skip Death) Doing the Wrong Thing Survive (Be Saved/ Skip Death) by LaughButts


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